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The Amazon 2SAP interface is an interface, replicating communication between SAP Busines One and the selling platform Amazon Seller Central. Our Amazon2SAP-Schnittstelle takes care of maintaining warehouse stock, products, prices, texts etc. directly via SAP Business One. The communication is based on Amazon Web Services.

Find more information on the functioning of Amazon Web Service here.

The exchange of data is fully automatic and can be released through configurable time intervals.

The interface can operate two types of Amazon sales:
FBA Fulfilment by Amazon (Orders with Fulfillment by Amazon)
FBM Fulfillment by Merchant (Orders shipped by seller)

The predefined workflow process allows you to install and implement the interface swiftly. Customer specific adjustments within the processes are also possible.

BEAS Manufacturing Add-On

Add-on for SAP Business One expanding manufacturing functions and processes.

BEAS Manufacturing focuses on a couple of additional modules for divisions of the manufacturing industry so as to replicate their business processes extensively. By using configuration assistants they can easily be adjusted within the application in both functional depth and width. The functions include specific strategies for materials management as well as necessary tools for related product planning and manufacture order processing.

CKS.DMS add-on for SAP Business One

An add-on für SAP Business One covering the subject of document management.

The CKS.DMS für SAP Business One add-on implement a GoBD-consistent filing following the rules of accounting and storage of fiscally relevant electronic data and paper documents. Mautomatic assignment of SAP receipts to digital documents and paper documents. Additionally, an entire automatisation, e. g. automatic reading of incoming invoices, is possible.
The video gives an overview on all CKS.DMS functions.

Currency2SAP Add-On

Add-on which automatic imports currency rates in SAP Business One.

In a configured time interval, Currency2SAP imports the currency rates into the SAP standard table. The currency rates are downloaded from a portal link, such as the European Central Bank.
You can also map courses yourself.

The following functions are available:

Ebay2SAP Add-On

An interface between SAP Business One and the eBay Marketplace, fully automated by Konsultec. Optimize your sales processes by automating routines and administrative processes: posting items or processing sales. Ebay2SAP connects SAP Business One with the eBay online marketplace and opens it up as a sales channel. In this way you manage your business processes from one system and avoid manual data transfer and process interruptions.

Find out more about the Ebay Merchant Inregration Platform here.

The following functions are available:

EDI Add-On

EDI connector interface to SAP Business One replicating EDI communication between two clients.

These documents can be exchanged:


A fully automatised interface by Konsultec between SAP Business One and Magento Portal.

The following functions are available:

Produmex SCAN Add-On

Produmex Scan is a mobile application that is designed to expand the SAP Business One standard solution, allowing you to carry out stock movement by using scanners and handhelds.

Users in the stock environment prefer a solution that is easy to handle and set up which simplifies the complexity of a stock management system heavily and provides necessary functions in a setting reduced to its essentials. Produmex Scan ‘s strength lies in its simplicity. Already existing standard processes in SAP Business One are provided mobile as completed scenarios.

The following functions are available:

Real2SAP Add-On

A fully automatised interface by Konsultec between SAP Business One and the platform by real.de, one of the biggest marketplaces in Germany. For the first time, a classic business group links its competencies to those of a grown online marketplace. With real2SAP you can manage products, offers, orders, payments, customer satisfaction, reports and statistics – all comfortably within your SAP Business environment.

The following functions are available:

Retouren2SAP Add-On

A fully automatised interface between SAP Business One and your returns management. Enhance your customer service and gain maximum control of your product returns. Customers can directly see receipts and issue returns. Save your and your customers’ time from onerous returns processing and update your product returns automatically in your SAP Business One environment. We gladly assist you in implementing the customer interface, for instance into your business website.

The following functions are available:
The RMA interface consists of the following:

Shopware2SAP Add-on

A fully automatised interface between SAP Business One and the Shopware portal.

The following functions are available:

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