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The SAP Business One cloud is ideal for start ups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Simply use the software comfortably in the cloud and relinquish elaborate and costly implementation. This eliminates the need for a complex and expensive implementation. You can get started within a couple of days and get going with your software with a full range of functions. The Konsultec team is glad to help you with any question you might have.

SAP Business One Cloud is the best integrated solution for planning the ERP software for your company. SAP has developed a cloud solution that suits middle-sized enterprises perfectly. You do not have to dispense with functions of the regular software. . Focus on your business and be sure your company data are protected reliably. . The software does not run locally in your company, but on servers in a datacentre or with your provider. The advantage is that you do not depend on special performance demanding hardware or that you do not have to employ additional IT staff. Also, your software is always state of the art and you will not miss any updates.

Also, we are partnered with the Clodiax Inc., on of the market leaders when it comes to SAP B1 server solutions.

High cost of implementation and expensive new acquisitions can be avoided. Transfer your business into the cloud – without compromising any functions or security, wherever you are. You only pay user fee for the accesses needed which gives you full cost control. Your business is growing and your demands are changing? Use the pay-as-you-grow model and decide what service to use when.

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Accelerating processes in distribution and sales and maximising profits.

With our in-memory-computing platform SAP HANA you can accelerate your business processes. You can make expanded business knowledge accessible to yourself and simplify your IT setting at the same time. On top of that you can discharge yourself from extensive care of old systems or data silos because all data safety requirements are met. Whichever operational model – on-premise or cloud – you choose, you will be able to fulfill the new digital economy’s requirements. Real time data give you the chance to act live and make profound business decisions based on these data. With SAP HANA 2, our next generation platform, you can benefit from more innovation. It will free your IT division from time consuming database and data management tasks and allows you to focus on technological innovations.

• With SAP HANA 2 developers can create intelligent applications that use progressive analysis and gives all users – staff, clients and partners – deep data insight. Cloud-based micro services expand information gathering from analysis to spatial and textual data. This facilitates the development of knowledge-based solutions and allows for profound decision-making and better business results.

SAP HANA transforms database management. In-memory-transaction and analysis processing in one single data copy gives you real-time knowledge based on live data. Our platform facilitates your workflows with modern tools and offers a secure and solid base for your IT business.

Sap HANA transforms data management. It eliminates your data silos because the platform integrates data virtualisation (including integration, pooling and replication) and data quality functions. You can retrieve ans analyse data from any source fast.

SAP HANA transforms knowledge retrieval from analysis. The platform allows for progressive processing of text data, spatial data, diagram and time series data in a single system. With efficient and anticipatory analysis and functions for machine learning you can gain more knowledge.

SAP HANA transforms application development. This next-generation platform offers adjustable development and provision tools. You can design, validate, develop and deliver intelligent and modern applications as prototypes within a very short amount of time – on-premise or in the cloud.

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